We are here to help you with your Fall needs.

Can you feel the change in the temperature? The end of summer is in sight and Fall is right around the corner.

Whether you need some chairs and a tent or two or a full blown mega event, we have all the supplies that you need.

Halloween, Thanksgiving and those wonderful Fall Festivals will be happening soon. Fall brings the opportunity to celebrate and we at RentalStops.com are here to help you make your Fall Event special.

This is also a great time to give your lawn some much needed TLC after a long, hot and dry summer! Taking care of your lawn in the fall is made easy with our rental equipment. Attention to your lawn now is the best way to ensure a thicker, greener, and healthier lawn next year.

Once the cooler weather arrives, your lawn will stop sending nutrients into the grass. By fertilizing in the next few weeks, the nutrients applied go straight to the roots allowing a stronger and more complex root structure. This will keep your grass healthy through the winter.

Fall Lawn Fertilizing Is Simple and We Can Help

First, select a high quality nitrogen fertilizer. You don’t need a special fertilizer for the fall. In fact, if you fertilize regularly, your standard fertilizer will do the trick. Apply liberally to your lawn in late September through mid-November. Remember that the best fertilizers will contain a time release nitrogen formulation which ensures that your lawn will get the nitrogen it needs over time, rather than in one quick spurt. Time release formulas generally produce thick, green grass easily. After fertilizing, make sure that you give your lawn a heavy watering to help the fertilizer make it into the roots.

Taking the time to prepare your lawn for winter now will result in a greener more vibrant lawn next spring. If you want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood next year, take a little time now to fertilize your lawn before winter strikes.

Below are some helpful lawn care tips to show you what to do this fall for the lawn of your dreams:

Mowing: As temperatures cool, your lawn will start growing faster: You’ll likely need to mow regularly through the end of the season.

Aerating: Cooler autumn temperatures mean your grass will start growing more again — so it’s a great time to aerate to loosen compacted soil.

Attacking perennial weeds: Most perennial lawn weeds are most susceptible to spraying in fall when they’re winding down and getting ready for winter.

Let the Rental Stop Team make your fall lawn care simpler in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Give us a call today and one of our experts will be glad to guide you to success! You can also join us online at www.rentalstops.com or call 972-336-0059.

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