Snow and Ice Removal Techniques for Small Parking Lots

Snowy roads and parking lots create dangerous driving conditions and increase the likelihood of traffic accidents. Maintaining safe driving conditions on the parking lot and driveway of a home or business is easy if you use household items you may already have on hand. Here at Rental Stop, we have a lot of traffic in front of and around our building with customers’ vehicles and our own vehicles and equipment.  Here in North Texas we do not get a lot of winter weather, but when we do have frozen precipitation it can disrupt everyone’s daily routine. Ice is the thing that really causes all the problems. The following are a few things that Rental Stop uses to prevent the slips and falls.

Use one or two boxes of ice cream salt over the surface of the parking lot. Begin sprinkling the salt in any corner of the parking lot. Work your way through the entire surface of the lot. As the salt begins to melt the snow, you will notice some water begins to run toward the storm drain if the parking lot has one. Use a shovel or snow blower to remove large amounts of snow. Depending on the size of the parking lot you may want to rent a spreader to distribute the pellets quickly over the surface of the parking lot.

You can do the same thing with cat liter. Sprinkle cat litter across the parking lot. Cat litter begins to melt the snow while working to improve driving conditions by providing better traction. As the snow begins to melt, you may want to use a snow shovel or snow blower to remove large patches of snow to facilitate better melting of the smaller patches of snow on the sidewalk. While cat litter works to melt the snow, it is a bit of a challenge to clean up after a snow or ice melts, but your local Rental Stop store can also help you with equipment and tools to do the clean up.

In a pinch household bleach can be used to melt the ice and snow. But if you want to have someone to professionally remove the ice and snow, Rental Stop recommends that you contact Shane’s Lawn Maintenance or McKnight Yeary Landscaping. Most importantly be prepared for the changing weather and call Rental Stop for all your party and equipment rental needs.

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The Holiday’s can be fun, but a stressful time of year. There are gifts to wrap, parties to attend, cooking, planning, a never ending list of to do’s.   Let Rental Stop be your partner in the planning.

Start by renting the table top.

The water goblets, wine glasses, china, flatware and linens (table cloths and napkins). This will create a style that will make your home and table setting look amazing. Another nice touch would be to add the gold chiavari chairs with the cream colored cushions. How about children’s tables and chairs for “the kid’s table.”

Why not dine in style after spending hours in the kitchen preparing the meal.

Simply scrape the plates, rinse, and put all items back in crates. Set in garage and Rental Stop will come and pick up your rentals.

Make your Holiday one to remember.

Visit us on line at or call us at (817 or 972) 336 0059.

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Things to consider when planning an outdoor event.

When you consider having an outdoor event, the most important thing to remember is that the weather conditions can change here in Texas very quickly. Everyone envisions the weather will be 78 degrees, bright sunshine and no appreciable wind, but that is not usually the case. So, you really need someone who has experience in planning these type of events, like Rental Stop. I have used them in the past and they have saved my bacon several times. If you are having an outdoor wedding, birthday party or corporate event, you will probably want to include renting a tent. That means you really need to have a site evaluation to determine where the tent can be placed. Rental Stop will come to your site location to walk the property and ascertain the proper placement of the tent. The planning expert will look for what is above, around and below the site. He will take measurements and look for obvious signs  of trouble such as overhead wires, underground utilities and sprinkler systems, signs of poor drainage , the slope and lay of the ground, prevailing wind direction, trees and shrubs and the accessibility to the area. Be sure you are open to alternative ideas.

If there are issues with the site, it is important to find out as far in advance as possible. This would allow for alterations to be made to the location that can accommodate the activity that is being planned. Rental Stop not only does events, they also have equipment rentals that the property owner could use to correct the issues. The property owner should know where the buried utilities are and can give the site survey team the answers to most of the questions about the site as he develops the site plan for the event. Rental Stop’s site surveyors welcome not only the customers, outside event planners and caterers at the site evaluations, but also code inspectors from all affected civil jurisdictions which aids in speeding up the permitting process. Also, if everyone that is providing services or products for the event are involved early on, it will make the coordination of deliveries, setup and striking much simpler and efficient.

The majority of Rental Stop clients only need one site inspection, but occasionally there may need to be more than one. The site surveyor will take his notes and measurements from the site visit and produce a site plan using CAD drawings on an overhead view of the property obtained from GoogleEarth. This will give the installation crew a visual map of where each tent, stage, lighting and power generation units should be placed. A schedule will be developed for when each piece of equipment should be erected to coincide with the start of the event. In the end Rental Stop’s goal is for the event to proceed without a hitch, and the customer , event planner and attendees will have a great experience.

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What do you need to know before you tow?

If you ever plan to involve yourself in activities such as moving, hauling equipment, boating, camping or some sort of automotive pastime, such as auto crossing or drag racing, then chances are you’ll need to do some towing and you may need to rent a trailer to accomplish the task. At Rental Stop we carry a variety of trailers that our customers use to move all kinds of things. One of the most critical factors to consider will be the capability of your vehicle to tow the trailer you need to perform the job safely and with as little effort as possible. Must paaenger car bumpers are not able to tow a medium weight trailer woithout being re-enforced.

Make sure you truck, van or car is prepared to tow the rental trailer before you go and rent the item. Here at Rental Stop , we have had customers try to rent a tractor and pull it with a Toyota Camry. This will not turn out well for the customer or for Rental Stop. Two of the most important things to have when you tow are basic common sense and the ability to adjust your driving. In other words, when towing, everything you do while driving needs to be done at about half the speed when compared to driving without a trailer. When you turn, go much slower. When you accelerate, do it much easier. When you brake, allow yourself a great deal more space to stop. And when you change lanes, allow room for your vehicle and the trailer.

As far as cars go, a full-size body-on-frame, rear-wheel-drive car like a Ford Crown Victoria (rated to tow 2,000 pounds) or Chevy Caprice is a basic minimum for towing anything approaching the weight of a 2,000-pound trailer. For smaller trailers, a smaller car can work, but for hauling anything more than 2,000 pounds you’re going to need a truly tow-friendly vehicle. Ideally, a truck or an SUV is always a smart choice for towing a boat or camper. Even a compact pickup is going to be better than just about any car. For heavier loads (say more than 4,000 pounds) a half-ton truck like will meet the needs of just about any of the trailer-towing basics we’re discussing here. But even among half-ton trucks, towing ability can vary.

Besides the tow vehicle and the trailer, the other critical element is, of course, the hitch. Trailer hitches are rated according to capacity of the load weight and tongue weight. Load weight is referenced in terms of Gross Trailer Weight (GTW, see chart at the end of article). Tongue weight is the downward force exerted on the hitch ball. This is usually calculated at 10-15 percent of the maximum rated GTW. The tongue is usually formed from the V-shaped merging of the trailer framerails at the front of the trailer. The coupler of the trailer is what accepts the hitch ball. At Rental Stop, we use a 2″ ball which is the most common size in use today. Also, be very concious of the air pressure in your trailers tires. A blowout there can create real handling and braking problems for the most experienced driver. So, ask that the tires be checked before you leave the rental facility.

As we mentioned at the beginning, your driving style when towing a trailer needs to change dramatically. If you’ve never towed a trailer before and you’re nervous about it, we’d strongly recommend seeking out someone who has had experience with towing. In general, you need to remember that when you are towing, you have considerably less room for margin of error. Your vehicle and trailer are much less maneuverable and nimble than your car or truck is without a trailer, and it’s critical that you always compensate for the added length the trailer adds when you change lanes so that you don’t run anyone off the road.

If you are unsure of what you need to safely complete your towing task, call us at 972-336-0059 and our expert Rental Stop staff will assist you in making a great decision.

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3 Questions to ask before your next Kitchen Remodel

Thinking about renovating your kitchen? You’re not alone. The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms of any house to remodel. Whether you’re updating you kitchen with a fresh coat of paint, adding more storage or doing a complete overhaul, here are three questions to ask before you go and rent that air hammer. I suggest that you rent the heavy equipment needed for the job, so that you can make the job easier in the long run.

1. What does your dream kitchen look like? Make a list of everything you want in your ideal kitchen, including floors, countertops, appliances, fixtures, backsplash and the equipment you will need to do the demolition, clean-up and installation. Most of the items you need can be rented from your neighborhood Rental Stop store. Look through magazines to get some ideas.

2. How much of your dream kitchen can you afford? A basic upgrade would keep the same floor plan and some DIY cosmetic makeover with new paint, new appliances, new fixtures and cabinet hardware. You can rent a paint sprayer to save a lot of time or just use a brush and roller. The appliances will determine the major cost of this kind of project, so the average budget is between $5000 to $10,000. A midsized renovation usually includes new floors, cabinets and countertops and those items in the basic upgrade. If you want to do some of  work yourself, be sure to checkout what items you can rent from Rental Stop. You should budget around $10,000 to $35,000. A major remodel includes all of the above aspects and involves changing the footprint of the room or adding additional space. You could end up tearing down walls and relocating plumbing which could require larger and more equipment to do the work. Remember your local Rental Stop store will have everything you need to get the job done quickly and safely. The average cost of a major renovation is between $35,000 and $75,000.

3. Do you have to hire a professional? While most homeowners can do minor improvements themselves. It’s often best to leave the bigger jobs to the professionals.

Whatever you decide the investment can really payoff when you get ready to sell your home. Best wishes for a successful project no matter the size or budget.



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The considerations for renting a sewer snake camera?

So, what is a sewer inspection camera (aka sewer snake camera) and how do you choose one to fit your needs? You can call your local Rental Stop store and their helpful equipment experts will be glad to give great information.

There are different types of pipe inspection cameras, for different  sized pipes, as well as for different types of inspection. Sewer  Inspection Cameras are manufactured in various working lengths, camera  diameters, and optional features, such as traceability (incorporated  sonde), water pressure resistance, image and video capture, self  leveling or remotely moving pan-and-tilt head, etc. You will be able to rent the sewer camera that will cover most of your needs.

So, take into account this information when you’re renting an inspection camera: 1. Camera Working Length: our most demanded and easy to operate are cameras with push rod from 20 to 60 meters (65 to 197 ft.). 2. Camera Head diameter: it should be at least few millimeters less than narrowest pipe you’re going to inspect. For centering camera in a pipe line special skids can be attached to a camera head. The smallest sewer camera heads available (from 0.9″). 3. If you need to keep your camera in a horizontal position, a system with self leveling camera would be a good choice. Looking for better observance pipes walls and lateral joints?A camera with remote control will deliver. 4. All of our cameras are waterproof but some inspections have to be done under significant water pressure. A heavy duty inspection camera will operate under 11 Bar water pressure. 5. While all of our rentable cameras are equipped with a color monitor to see inspections in real time, they also have the ability to record images and video. You can view it at a later date, or use the recording for documenting problem areas. Files can be saved on СF or SD memory cards depending on the chosen sewer camera system. 6. Sometimes it’s very important to not only detect a problem but to locate it from ground level. Some of our snake, sewer, and drain cameras that will transmit signal to locator and you can localize issue place in minute detial.
The Rental Stops in Grand Prairie and Arlington offer a variety of sewer snakes, pumps and other plumbing tools thet will make your job easier. They are convenient to the whole metroplex area. Check out our comprehensive website at

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How to use a pressure washer?

Pressure washers are one of the handiest tools a homeowner can use.  They can be used for everything from cleaning out your dog kennel to preparing a house for a new paint job. And you can rent a great piece of all-purpose cleaning equipment from your local Rental Stop store right here in the DFW area.

What Do I Need A Pressure Washer For?
The answer to that question is simple: just about everything. When most people think of renting  pressure washers they conjure up images of professional painters dangling off ladders in order to prep flaking surfaces for a facelift. The truth is that pressure washers have a number of possible uses that encompass just about any outdoor cleaning task you can imagine. Some of the most popular everyday uses of these inexpensive rentable machines include cleaning cars, driveways and walkways, gutters and downspouts, siding, outdoor furniture, dog kennels, garage floors, lawn mowers, garden equipment, and trash cans, and other soiled receptacles. Add to these a few of the more industrial uses, such as preparing surfaces to be painted and washing hard to clean areas and equipment where grease, heavy dirt and oil buildup occurs, and it’s easy to see why renting a pressure washer from time to time is an excellent idea. Remember, it’s really a cost-effective maintenance solution for the upkeep of your home, property, vehicles, tools, and a whole lot more.

How to Choose the Right Model for You
Many things need to be taken into account when renting the right power washer. If the washer use is limited to some spring cleaning (washing off your home’s siding, cleaning off the driveway and walks, etc.) you’ll probably be okay with a lower end, direct drive washer. If you plan to use a rented washer more frequently, say more than 100 hours per year, you’ll probably want to step up to a more agricultural or industrial rental model. Most cheaper residential models simply won’t hold up over the long run when exposed to more vigorous use.

Other things to pay attention to are the GPM and (PSI) of the units you’re renting. This refers to the gallons per minute of water that are dispensed and the pressure per square inch with which the unit expels that water. Generally, the higher the GPM, and more importantly the PSI, the more powerful and effective your pressure washer will be. The final consideration you’ll need to make is whether you want a gas or electric model. Electric washers are fine and efficient, especially if you’re fairly certain you’ll only be using the washer where outlets are accessible. However, if you plan on toting the washer around and want a more portable unit, renting a gas run model is well worth the extra money it will cost you.

Power Washer How To’s
The main thing to remember when using a pressure washer is simply that these units, even the smaller ones, pack a punch. I’ve seen an inexperienced painter strip not only the paint off of old wood siding with an industrial grade power washer, but a size-able portion of the wood as well. The key is start out at a good distance away from the object you’re washing, then work your way closer until you get the effect you’re looking for. Also, start with wider spray nozzles or settings and move to smaller ones only when you’re sure you need more power. Smaller nozzles and settings mean more pressure and more focused point of attack, so it’s better to play it safe and start bigger before working your way down. Once you get the hang of it, however, working with one becomes a breeze and pretty near to second nature for the operator.

Rentals are available at your local Rental Stop Store in the DFW area.

I am convinced it’s worth the investment? Don’t fret. Rental Stop usually have a fleet of these beauties on hand, and they can be cost effective to rent one for a few weekends a year. Good luck with your projects.

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