`Gather ‘Round – Ideas for the perfect Thanksgiving event

These crisp fall mornings herald the beginning of “family” season.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Fort Worth Party Rentals can help you with the planning of your gathering, whether for just a few of you or a whole houseful!

Small house, big guest list?  We’ve got tents for rent!  If you went a little overboard with the invitations, don’t worry; a tent from Fort Worth Party Rentals will expand your space and keep raindrops off your feast!  Warm up that tent with heaters, and add some ambience with lighting; our professional staff can help you select just the items you need.

Big house, small table?  We’ve got tables to rent.  Choose rounds for optimum flexibility, add chairs, and you’ve just about got this event under control.

Long on menu items, short on serving pieces?  For those slices of turkey & mounds of yams, you’ll need platters, bowls, and china.  Brew a large pot of coffee so your guests can stay awake once the tryptophan effect sets in! These items and more are all available from us at competitive prices!

Check out our inventory online, or give us a call to talk about your particular party plan.  We’ll be happy to be a part of your Thanksgiving soiree!

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