Things to consider when planning an outdoor event.

When you consider having an outdoor event, the most important thing to remember is that the weather conditions can change here in Texas very quickly. Everyone envisions the weather will be 78 degrees, bright sunshine and no appreciable wind, but that is not usually the case. So, you really need someone who has experience in planning these type of events, like Rental Stop. I have used them in the past and they have saved my bacon several times. If you are having an outdoor wedding, birthday party or corporate event, you will probably want to include renting a tent. That means you really need to have a site evaluation to determine where the tent can be placed. Rental Stop will come to your site location to walk the property and ascertain the proper placement of the tent. The planning expert will look for what is above, around and below the site. He will take measurements and look for obvious signs  of trouble such as overhead wires, underground utilities and sprinkler systems, signs of poor drainage , the slope and lay of the ground, prevailing wind direction, trees and shrubs and the accessibility to the area. Be sure you are open to alternative ideas.

If there are issues with the site, it is important to find out as far in advance as possible. This would allow for alterations to be made to the location that can accommodate the activity that is being planned. Rental Stop not only does events, they also have equipment rentals that the property owner could use to correct the issues. The property owner should know where the buried utilities are and can give the site survey team the answers to most of the questions about the site as he develops the site plan for the event. Rental Stop’s site surveyors welcome not only the customers, outside event planners and caterers at the site evaluations, but also code inspectors from all affected civil jurisdictions which aids in speeding up the permitting process. Also, if everyone that is providing services or products for the event are involved early on, it will make the coordination of deliveries, setup and striking much simpler and efficient.

The majority of Rental Stop clients only need one site inspection, but occasionally there may need to be more than one. The site surveyor will take his notes and measurements from the site visit and produce a site plan using CAD drawings on an overhead view of the property obtained from GoogleEarth. This will give the installation crew a visual map of where each tent, stage, lighting and power generation units should be placed. A schedule will be developed for when each piece of equipment should be erected to coincide with the start of the event. In the end Rental Stop’s goal is for the event to proceed without a hitch, and the customer , event planner and attendees will have a great experience.

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