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Top 10 Holiday Rentals

• Tables               • String Lights

• Chairs               • Projector / Screen

• Linens               • Karaoke

• Dishware          • Heaters

• Chafers             • Beds

Remember, that these and many other of our seasonal items get booked early. Start planning your holiday parties and family gatherings now. We look forward to partnering with you to help make this upcoming holiday season as stress-free as as possible! Contact us today.

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Holidays Are Just Around the Corner

Let the Holiday season begin! Many seasonal items get booked early. Better start planning all your holiday parties and family gatherings now, before it’s too late. Rental Stop is here to help!  Let us partner with you to make your holiday parties stress free!

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Odd Items. Who Knew!?

Rental Stop has so many random items that most customers can’t believe we have when they call to ask.  So, we thought it would be fun to start an “Odd Items ” listing. Over the next few editions of the Rental Stop News and Views, we will have some fun sharing our most Random Items that we rent to our customers.

Items include : Hole Hawg Drill, Coffin, Water Bed Pump, Piano Dolly, Stilts

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We Are Your Tailgate Party Headquarters

The beginning of Fall means Tailgate parties are in full swing.  With football starting and baseball coming to an end, Rental Stop can help you with all your Tailgate needs today!  Here is just a sneak peek of what we have to make your tailgate party the one people talk about.


From tents, tables, and chairs to grills, generators, fans, and coolers. Give us a call today.

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