Detailed Instructions for Maintaining A Healthy Yard

Maintaining a healthy lawn is not hard, but it does require some love and time from the homeowner.  With equipment and tips from Rental Stop, you will have the lawn you have always wanted. Rental Stop has all the Equipment and Tools you will need to make each step a little less stressful.  Contact us for all your rental needs in maintaining a healthy lawn.

Step 1A – Preparing the lawn

A low cut/scalp mowing is necessary to thin out the thick blanket of grass that was created going into the past fall months to protect the lawn from the long harsh winter.  It is recommended that the newly cut lawn clippings be removed from the lawn by bagging them up and/or blowing them off the lawn.

Helpful tip: Unfortunately, most cities trash dumps will not pick up bagged grass clippings, so the alternative is to create a compost pile on your property. Might be able to use these decomposing materials for a garden.



Step 1B

After cutting the thick dormant grass to a lower/scalp level.  It is time to remove the dead, decomposing grass clippings that have formed an insulated lawn blanket.

This insulated blanket is called “Thatch”.

Definition of Thatch – a mat of undecomposed plant material (such as grass clippings) accumulated next to the soil in a grassy area (such as a lawn)



A De-thatcher will be used to remove or loosen up the thatch build up from the lawn.

A bagged mower and blower  needs to be utilized once again to remove any remaining thatch, so the thin layer of healthy grass and soil are visible.

Step One A and Step One B can be accomplished by the following listed equipment types.


Step 2 – Aeration

Once the cut/dethatched grass clipping have been removed from the lawn. Your next step will be to Aeratethe Lawn.

Definition of Aerate –  introduce air into (a material)



To get the necessary ingredients (Oxygen, Food and Water) into the soil, we need to create little mouths and that is what the Aerator from Rental Stop does. It pops little 3-4” holes in the soil every 4-6 inches apart.

Step Two can be Accomplished by the Following Rental Stop Equipment

Step 3  Feeding Time

Once all the mouths (Holes) have been created in the lawn, now we need to fertilize and weed feed.

  1. Fertilizing your yard provides it the nutrients that it needs.
  2. Do your research to find out the best fertilizer and weed feed for your yard. Using too much of either can kill your yard, so be careful.

Step 3 is done by Renting a Push Lawn Fertilizer Spreader


Step Four – Watering

Once the food has been out and it is time to give your lawn some water.

Here are some tips to watering your lawn:

  1. Water deeply… instead of more often
  2. Apply about an inch of water, which is just enough to soak the lawn about 6-8 inches deep into the soil. Then, let the lawn dry out thoroughly before watering it again.
  3. Water overnight or early in the morning to avoid evaporation.
  4. Make sure you follow your city’s restrictions (if any)
  5. How Rental Stop can help:


250 Gallon Storage Tank      350 Gallon Storage Tank      Pressure Pump                         Garden Hose

If a water source is not available we have some options with our storage tanks and pump systems to help alleviate the concern of watering your lawn.

Step Five – Mowing

Once you have fed and watered the lawn you are on your way to be Yard of the Month.

The last step is Crucial…  to condition your lawn it is important to stay consistent on mowing at least once a week as it grows.  The less larger grass clippings that accumulate will benefit the lawn and allow it to flourish. The goal is to develop a lawn that does not create a blanket of non-decomposed material.  Besides mowing the lawn consistently each week, it is recommended to raise the mower height little by little to create a thick healthy lawn and prepare it for the long winter months.

Unfortunately, grass clippings that don’t decompose quickly kill a lawn or smother the new growth.

Tips to Mowing your lawn:

  1. Mow grass high and often.
  2. Don’t forget to edge and trim (weed eat) the grass.
  3. Make sure your blades are sharp. Rental Stop sharpens their blades after XX hoursof rentals.
  4. Most grasses are healthiest when kept between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 inches of height. (Make sure you research the best height for your grass.)
  5. How Rental Stop can help.
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