It’s Storm Season. Prepare Properly

In Case of Emergency – Storm Edition

It is Spring in Texas and we all know what that means….  Storm season is upon us!

Rental Stop understands storms and the challenges they bring to the community as a whole.

Owner of Rental Stop, David Husbands, vividly remembers April 3, 2012, when a tornado touched down in Kennedale and South Arlington area.  This tornado touched down just miles from the Rental Stop – Arlington location.  David said, “I remember receiving several calls from customers in dire need of some essential pieces of equipment that we rent out.  I grabbed what generators and chainsaws I had on the shelf at the Arlington location, as well as, loaded a 6” Bandit Wood Chipper on the back of my truck to help out.”  He also recalls several Rental Stop employees pulling several towable light towers to the Addison Park Apartments that night after work. The contractor was trying to fix the roof and carports that were taken out by the tornado, but they were having a hard time seeing in the dark. It will be a day to remember, especially with all the blue tarps on the rows and rows of houses on both sides of Highway 287.

Here at the Rental Stop, we love serving our DFW community!

Here are just a couple of things we have added to make sure Rental Stop is here to help when you need us the most.

  1. After Hours Answering Service
  2. Added extra “In Case of Emergency – Storm Items” to our multiple locations
    1. These items include
      • Generators Hand Held 2000 watt – 120 KW Towable Units Distribution / Cable / Spider Boxes
      • Chainsaws and Pole Chain Saws
      • Wood Chippers 3” – 12”
      • Trailers of All Sizes
      • Fence Post Augers and Pullers
      • Stump Grinders
      • Wet Dry Vacs
      • Submersible Pumps and Hoses
      • Floor Fans / Carpet Dryers
      • Roofing and Fence Hammers
      • Articulating Lifts
      • Tents -Canopies
      • Refrigerators / Freezers
      • wet/dry vacs
      • Fans, Heaters and AC Units
      • Lighting / Light Towers
  1. Last but not least, It is our promise to be there during your time of need.
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