Fall Yard Clean-Up

The leaves are about to fall which means it’s time to prep for yard clean up! We have everything you need to keep your yard the pride of the neighborhood (or make it the pride of the neighborhood). Did you know that Rental Stop rents rakes, blowers, power brooms, leaf blowers, hedge trimmer, pruning saw, mowers and everything needed to keep your yard in tip top shape.

Ever heard of a power broom? A power broom is used to clear sand, dirt, leaves and most types of debris from large areas in a short period of time. Ideal to move serious amounts of dirt, debris, leaves, sludge and water!

When it’s time to vacuum up that pile of dirt that got moved around by the power broom, give the Billy Goat litter vacuum a go. Time is valuable and if you don’t have all day to rake or clean up debris from your yard the Billy Goat Vacuum is the tool for you. Unlike a regular vacuum the Billy Goat can pick up all the unwanted items in your yard without a problem.

We know that sometimes you want to rake your own leaves so the kids can jump into them… We understand! We have the blowers and rakes to help make that perfect leaf pile.

Once you pick up the mess from the kids you can’t forget about the yard and bushes. They all will need a little attention getting cleaned up and ready for fall. We have the pruners, trimmers and mowers to help your yard turn into the Yard of the Month.

Call Rental Stop today to turn your yard into the envy of the block!

We’ve got a wide variety of selections to choose from Equipment and Tool Rentals in Dallas/Fort Worth!


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