Corporate Tent Solutions and More

If you are running a business right now, keeping the business open and the employees working safely is of upmost importance. Rental Stop has been helping many companies by providing Employee testing check-in tents, Employee tent break rooms, Crowd Control/Social Distancing resources with tents or barricades, plus many other safety features (i.e hand washing stations and hand sanitizer stations). Call us today! Rental Stop wants to help you keep your business open and employees safe!

Tent Solutions – Check-in, Employee Screening Tent, Additional Employee Break Rooms.

Crowd Control – and weather protection Tenting Solutions.

More Crowd Control Solutions with Barricades.

Miscellaneous Solutions – Hand Washing Stations and Hand Sanitizer Stations.

Power Solutions – Various Generators and Distribution Sources.

We’ve got a wide variety of selections to choose from Party & Event Rentals in Dallas Fort Worth!



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