DIY : Concrete Sidewalk Repair

Weekend Warriors : As the summer winds down and life continues on, it’s important to make sure your home is in top shape. With the slowdown of life, you’re probably noticing all the spots in need of repair, including that cracked concrete out front or in the backyard. Good news, you can make those repairs yourself. The task may seem daunting, but with the right tools you’ll do great. Whether you’re trying to ensure the safety of yourself and the ones you love, or simply trying to bring a modernized uniformity to the appearance of your home, here’s how you can make your own concrete sidewalk repairs in three easy steps.

1. Prepare your area (and yourself). Make sure you have the protective gear you need to protect yourself, such as safety glasses and a dust mask. For a smooth process, it’s important to make sure the areas that you are repairing are clean and ready to be filled. You want to chip away any loose or crumbling concrete and clear debris. Depending on the size of the task at hand, you want to use the right tool(s) to clear the area. Small areas: wire brush & broom or hose Larger areas: wire brush, chisel, broom, (Jack) hammer, hose or hand vac You can also use a Pressure Washer to clear cracks and edges.

2. Mix your concrete/Prepare pre-mixed concrete for application. Follow the instructions on your chosen concrete and make sure to grab a project partner or allow enough time to coat without the concrete drying too early. Avoid adding too much water, as it could lead to spalling in your concrete. For quicker, less labor-heavy concrete movement, be sure to check out the Power Buggy.

3. Fill cracks/lay concrete. How you fill your concrete will also depend on the size of the job. Smaller areas will require less tools and equipment than a larger area, but the process is the same for both. Small areas: Use a trowel to push concrete into cracks and smooth the surface to the desired consistency and level. Let dry according to mix instructions.

Larger areas: You will need to reform the section in need of repairs. You can do this with a 2×4, making sure that the board is flush with the existing concrete area. Once form is set, use a Shovel or Trowel to fill in new concrete and smooth and level the surface. Let dry according to mix instructions.

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