Fall Home Projects : Light Tree and Bush Trimming

Weekend Warriors : Although, most major tree pruning needs to be done in Winter or early Spring, Fall is the time to look over your trees, shrubs and vines to see what needs pruning before the winter.  Unless a plant is already dormant, the act of pruning signals the plant to grow, and you don’t want new growth in fall when the cold weather hits.  So, walk around your property and make a plan about each tree and shrub to see what needs to be done during the Fall or what can wait until the Winter and early Spring.

In Fall, you can remove:

  • Dead branches
  • Branches that have been damaged by storms or mishaps
  • Diseased growth
  • Or, any branch that could be a hazard during the Winter

Tips for Best results:

  • Work in small, manageable bites.  Remove longer branches in several sections.
  • Be sure any falling branches will not harm you or your home.
  • Do NOT prune more than 30% of a plant or tree during the Fall. This ensures the plant will have the resources to recover.
  • Do NOT forget to clean your blades.  It is easy to spread disease between plants with infected blades. It’s best to clean your tools, and specifically, the cutting blades, before use, before moving from one plant to another, and after use.
  • Do NOT remove suckers, water sprouts, overlapping and rogue branches.  This needs to be completed during the winter or early Spring while the tree is dormant.

Visit Rentalstops.com to rent any saw, trimmer or ladder for your Fall tree pruning job.  Some items available are:

  • 20” Chainsaw
  • 8′ Chain 2 cycle pruning saw
  • Tree 14′ Trimmer (Manual)
  • Articulating Hedge Trimmer
  • 24’ Gas Hedge Trimmer
  • 16’ Electric Hedge Trimmer
  • 30” Single Side Hedge Trimmer
  • Ladders or Lifts

If you don’t have time to do this project around your home yourself, Rental Stop’s new services department can come over to help with your light tree and shrub trimming.  Call us today at 972-336-0059 for a quote. Or visit our website: www.rentalstops.com

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