Weekend Warrior: The Importance of Fall Lawn Aeration

Most people feel Spring is the most important time for lawns, but really Fall is just as important. Fall lawn maintenance gets your yard ready for the long winter and can help keep your lawn healthy all year long…. And aerating is one of the most important tasks of all.

Why is aerating so important? It is the process of puncturing the soil and pulling “plugs” below to create open pockets. It is through these pockets that air, water, and nutrients find their way to feed the roots of grass. Aerating lawns also encourages root development before the coming winter as well as loosen compacted soil to help your grass grow.

Fall is the perfect time to aerate your lawn, since we have the cooler air temperatures but warm ground temperatures. This allows your soil time to recover before going dormant for the winter.

Since you only need to Aerate your lawn only two times a year (early spring and fall), purchasing an aerator can be expensive, as well as, take up space in your garage or shed. Renting an aerator is the best solution to help save you money. And why not team up with a neighbor or two and rent for the day!

Tip: After the aerating process, it is best to keep heavy foot traffic off your lawn in order to allow the plugs to breakdown naturally. You don’t want all your hard work to get compressed back into the lawn with heavy foot traffic.

After aerating your lawn, now is the perfect time to rent a spreader to fertilize and overseed your yard. This helps the seeds to come in close contact with the soil. Don’t forget to add water!

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