Weekend Warrior : Holiday Decorating Lift Special Edition

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year!  With the Holidays just around the corner comes a lot of work decorating and getting your home, office, church, etc.  in the holiday spirit. Rental Stop has all the lifts and ladders you need to take you to new heights this holiday season.

This weekend is going to be perfect weather to start the decorating process and let’s be honest we all need a little Holiday cheer after this year!

Not sure of what type of lift you need to help decorate?  The list below may help or our trained sales staff can point you in the right direction.  Call us today to reserve your lift and ladders at 972-336-0059 or visit us at RentalStops.com!

6’ to 16’ fiberglass Step Ladders – Your typical ladder.  You name the height… it is perfect for both inside and outside decorating jobs.

32’ and 40’ Extension Ladders – Need a little boost from typical ladder, these ladders provide that extra extension for any decorating job inside or outside.

Scaffolding –  Provides a sturdy platform to complete jobs for any type of decorating job that you need to decorate high in one place for a while.

Scissor Lifts – Have a big decorating job around an office or electric scissor lifts are ideal for indoor and outdoor holiday decorating projects. Capable of supporting up to two people, these lifts are best suited on smooth, solid surfaces and come with non-marking tires.

Compact Telehandlers – with the cage platform attachment can lift materials or people decorating outside

One-man Lifts – Commonly used to change lights these lifts are perfect performing decorating in offices, showrooms, and anywhere space is an issue

Towable Lift – Great for indoor or outdoor decorating.

Articulating Lifts – Putting lights in large trees and need to get to new heights.  These lifts can do the trick.  Helpful for getting around obstacles and reach heights of more than 135 feet with an articulated boom lift. Also known as cherry pickers, these lifts are controlled by a panel located on the platform – and unlike scissor lifts, boom lifts can travel both vertically and horizontally.

Need Help?

Rental Stop’s All-New Special Services Department can provide you all the help you need moving large items around, garbage removal, etc.  You have a job for us?  Call us today for a quote at 972-336-0059. Or visit our website: www.rentalstops.com

BTW : We’ve also got a wide variety of EVENT selections to choose from Party & Event Rentals in Dallas Fort Worth

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