Equipment Corner : How To Winterize Your Lawn Equipment

It is time to Winterize your Outdoor Power Equipment! Doing this will extend the life of your equipment and will help ensure a hassle-free spring when it is time to start these engines again.

The most important step is either draining or stabilizing the fuel. Draining the fuel is usually best with the pieces of equipment that uses two-cycle (trimmers, blowers, etc.) and stabilizing the fuel is best on engines using fuel only such as your mowers.

How to drain the fuel and winterize your 2-cycle equipment:

1. Pour the gas in the tank into a gas can.
2. Run the engine to get the remaining fuel out of the carburetor. Your engine will spudder to a stop.
3. Remove spark plug and Pour a few drops of 2-cycle into the spark plug port and give the starter cord a couple pulls. This lubricates the pistons and crankshaft.
4. Install a new spark plug.
5. Inspect and clean air filter.
6. Check all fuel likes and replaces the fuel filter.
7. Clean and lubricate all moving parts.
How to Stabilize your fuel and winterize your fuel only equipment (i.e. mower):
1. Add stabilizer to a full gas tank.
2. Run the engine for a few minutes, then fill up the tank. A full tank prevents water condensation from getting in the tanks.
3. Clean the entire mower deck of caked on grass clippings, etc.
4. Change the engine oil.
5. Inspect and clean the air filter.
6. Check fuel lines and replace the fuel filter.
7. Inspect and worn and missing parts.
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