Equipment Corner : Sewer Snake / Auger

Did you know one of the most rented items after the holidays is the sewer snake?

Instead of calling your local plumber, try renting a sewer snake and get the job done yourself, potentially saving over half the price.
How to Properly Snake a Sewer Drain
1. Locate the main line clean out and remove the cap.
2. Check for standing water in the pipe. If there is standing water you will want to run the drain machine cable toward the street. If there is no standing water and the toilets are stopped up you will run the cable toward the house.
3. Position the drain snake as close as possible to
the clean out.
4. Put on a pair of leather gloves.
5. Pull the head of the cable out and put it into the clean out and start to feed a few feet of cable into the pipe before turning on the machine.
6. Turn machine to forward position and turn it on. Slowly feed the cable into the drain while holding it steady.
7. When the tough spot is reached slowly ease the cable back and forward again until you feel resistance again. Do not attempt to force the cable through as this can tangle the snake cable up.
8. Continue to move the cable back and forth a few feet at a time until the clog has cleared.
9. Pull the cable back out and check the toilets and tub drains to ensure that everything is running well
before closing the cleanout. Flush the toilet multiple times to make sure the stoppage is truly clear before returning the machine.
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