Equipment Corner : 3″ Wood Chipper

3 Chipper

Our All New 4090 Split-Fire Horizontal Wood Chipper is great for residential or commercial use. Check out all the many benefits:
• Designed for continuous heavy-duty use.
• It is a self-feeding wood chipper capable of handling untrimmed branches, bark, leaves, and stringy wood to produce consistent ½ inch to ¾ inch wood chips or mulch.
• Safe and easy to tow or to move around the yard – 32″ width allows it to fit through yard gates
• 36” long in-feed chute and protective shield keeps hands at a safe distance from rotor and blades.
• Rated for 4” diameter branches and featuring large opening to handle untrimmed branches, bark, and stringy or leafy materials.
• Horizontal wood chipper designed with a low profile for easy loading and comfortable operation.
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