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Did you know? Tips on how to STOP Weeds in Flowerbeds this Summer.
Rental Stop now carries a variety of Mulches to help you make your flowerbeds the talk of your neighborhood. One thing is for sure, no one wants those pesky weeds appearing in your flowerbeds this year. Here are some tips on how to prevent weeds from appearing in your flowerbeds.
1. Purchase a Good Mulch
A good mulch needs to keep moving and drifting weeds from finding the soil below. It also needs to help insulate plants and conserve moisture in the soil. We recommend avoiding Super Fine or Ultra Shredded mulch, which make it easier for the weeds to find the soil below.
2. Make it Thick!
In order to stop weeds and protect plants, mulch needs to be applied 3-4″ thick in flowerbeds. Anything less simply isn’t enough to keep weeds from finding the soil.
3. Don’t Turn or Stir the Mulch!
Raking or turning mulch to “freshen” it up is one of the biggest causes of weeds appearing in flowerbeds. Instead of turning the mulch, simply add a thin topcoat to freshen it up. This way, the protective barrier stays intact, and weeds simply can’t find a way to sprout.
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