NEW Equipment : Insect Backpack Fogger

Insect BP Fogger

NEW Item Coming Soon!
Coming soon to Rental Stop is a Backpack Fogger for those annoying mosquitos. Want to get rid of mosquitos on your own? Our Fogger is perfect for applying pesticides year round if needed, but especially in the Spring and Summer when Mosquitos are the worst. The Backpack Fogger is great at applying pesticides for pest and parasite control around residential and commercial areas. Just put it on and let’s attack those annoying insects together. Call us today for a quote!
• Spray 1 acre in less than 30 minutes
• 7X Faster than Pump Sprayers
• Perfect for liquid pesticides treatments
• Effective for pest control around ranches,
homes orchards and greenhouses
• Suitable for Mosquitoes carrying ZIKA and
Ticks carrying LYME Disease
• Excellent leaf blowing solution for Autumn leaves
• Multi-functional control handle for comfortable operation
• Designed for low vibration, reducing operator fatigue
• Adjustable backpack straps and cushion for operator comfort
Call 972-336-0059 to reserve yours today!
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