How To Tow A Trailer : 10 Tips


1. Choose the right Trailer. To keep it simple, Rental Stop Trailers only use a 2” Ball Hitch. It is always best to know your weight and keep your items balanced on the trailer when towing.
2. Allow a Rental Stop Team member to correctly Hitch up your trailer. Before towing, make sure your running lights, brakes and blinkers are working correctly.
3. Allow plenty of stopping distance. It takes a little longer to stop, so give yourself plenty of distance for stopping.
To help with stopping, our trailers all include surge brakes which activate when the driver activates the brakes.
4. Just like with any driving, you need to anticipate problems ahead. The leading cause of accidents both in towing and in normal driving situations is driver error.
5. Watch out for trailer sway. Crosswinds, large trucks, downhill grades and high speeds can all lead to trailer sway.
6. Be extra careful when changing lanes. Give yourself plenty of room to get over between vehicles.
7. Be patient when passing. While towing, you must allow more distance and time when passing another vehicle or being passed by a vehicle.
8. Stop gradually whenever possible. Towing a trailer requires extra work from your brakes.
9. Know your limitations and capabilities! Don’t drive in if there’s no way out. It is easy to get stuck or blocked in with a trailer.
10. Keep your towing items secure. Trailer theft is a serious problem. Rental Stop isn’t responsible for any theft that occurs while trailer is in your possession.
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