6 Tips for Prepping your Lawn for Late Summer / Early Fall

Tips_Prep for Fall

6 steps for your lawn this late summer and early fall in Texas. Visit our Lawn and Garden category on the website for all your rental needs.
1. Mow
Continue to mow your lawn in Texas throughout the fall until we have dropped below 50 consistently. You need to maintain the 1- 3” cuts until the temperatures drop & then you can cut shorter for your final cuts of the fall. Mowing in the fall helps with your leaves to a minimum & produces a nutritious mulch for your lawn.
2. Weed
Mowing is the best for weed control, but sometimes weeds will sprout from time to time. It is best to Spot treat any of those pesky weeds with a Hand sprayer.
No need to water your lawn daily! Water a couple times a week… remember your lawn needs a little time to dry between watering. A healthy lawn needs deep roots, so you need to make sure that you are watering enough to reach these deep roots.
Aeration pulls soil plugs from your lawn & helps provide water, Oxygen & nutrients your lawn needs to reach the roots.
Make sure that you are using the right Ratios for your type of grass. Read the back of your fertilizer for more information on this. Sometimes less is more with fertilizers! Rental Stop has an All-New Ride-On Fertilizer for those larger lawns you need to maintain or we have the Whirly Fertilizer Spreader.
Here in Texas, it is best to reseed in early/mid fall. Your seeds are going to more successful with the cooler damper weather.
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