3 Steps for A Perfect Fall Planting

Backyard Garden

Did you build a backyard garden during COVID & are now wondering what you need to do for the upcoming Fall? Remember these 3 steps for a Perfect Fall Planting:
1. Prepping the Soil
Renting a tiller is the easiest way to turn the soil and provide nitrogen for a new garden. Tilling helps break up clumps in hard compacted soil, & it will also break up roots to kill some weeds. Prepackaged garden soil or organic compost can be tilled into your soil to add nutrients. If the soil is excessively damp or has high clay content, consider tilling in Screened Sand from our Rental Stop Landscape Materials Department.
Rental Stop’s 2 HP or 5 HP Front Tine Tiller is a perfect choice for the backyard garden. Need something a little smaller, rent our 35 cc Tiller with Kick Stand to till those smaller gardens.
Make sure you add some slow-release Fertilizer with our Fertilizer spreader!
2. New Mulch
Add Mulch to your Garden. A dark compost is ideal during these fall months. Check out Rental Stop’s Landscape Materials to help choose the best Mulch for your garden.
3. Pick the Right Plants!
Rotating your crops is always best! Root, Fruit, Bean and Green is the typical order. Make sure you know your harvest time! Checking the days until harvest is crucial, so you can cook and eat your delicious crop with fully grown and full of delicious flavor when you know you will want to eat them.
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