Build or Extend your Perfect Driveway or Walkway.

Extend Driveway

Build or Extend your Perfect Driveway/Walkway today!

Step 1: Purchase Flex Base a.k.a. “Driveway gravel” from The Materials Stop at Rental Stop
• Need 4” in depth for any Driveway/Walkway
• Use Rental Stop Materials Calculator to calculate how many yards needed
• Flex Base is used for driveways and temporary roads
• Consists of 1 ½” crushed rock in size all the way down to a fine powder
• Highly compactable, but still flexible
• TxDOT Item #247

Step 2: Rent a Track Skid Steer
• Spread in 6” layers of flex base
• As Flex Base is being installed, sprinkle water in the material before compaction
• Work the Flex Base in using a skid steer
• Repeat the layers of Flex Base for a thicker base.

Step 3: Rent a Compactor
• For Ultimate compaction, compact your work space with a compactor to your desired base.

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