Last Chance for a Winter Tree Spruce

Last chance to spruce up your trees this winter before the spring. Winter is a great time to trim your trees before your trees come out of dormancy. There are several reasons to take this time to get outside and trim your trees.
1. Less stress and allows the tree time to heal when it is dormant
2. Ability to see any damage or diseased branches since the tree doesn’t have a lot of foliage/growth
3. Reduces the chance for a parasite, fungal or viral infections to the tree. (Mistletoe is perfect for hanging around for your Valentine’s Day party, but not in your tree).
Items needed to get the job done right
Chainsaws (gas, electric or battery)
Chipper/Shredder – 3” – 12”
Lifts and Ladders
Articulating Compact Wheeled Loader with Grapple attachment
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