Enhance Your Home This Summer

Home Projects

Looking for some fun ways to enhance your home this summer? Here are a few things you can create at home with a little help from our tools.
Things to build:
• Small garden : Shovel & Tiller & Top Soil
• Fire Pit / Pizza Oven: Wheelbarrow Concrete Mixer & Brick Breaker
The first is a small garden to help brighten up your yard, grow some fruits or veggies, and have some fun with family or friends! The top 3 tools we recommend are a shovel, tiller, and some topsoil. The shovel will make it a lot easier to create your garden. The tiller and topsoil will make sure your plants grow healthy and strong.
The second thing you can build is a bookshelf which is great for garage storage, hold books and games, or even to put in your pantry. The best part about this is you can build, paint or decorate it to fit any space. You will definitely need a table saw to cut your wood to the perfect length, a sander to keep everyone from splinters (ouch), and lastly a cordless drill to ensure the integrity of the shelves.
This last option is a little more difficult but definitely worth the time to build a fire pit or pizza oven. Fire Pits are great to bring family and friends together to roast hot dogs or marshmallows for s’mores and, of course, build amazing memories. Don’t need a fire pit, then a Pizza oven is another great way to make unique memories with family and friends. Plus you can do this all while feeding everyone some delicious pizza in the process! To make either of these items you will need a concrete mixer or mortar mixer to make sure all of the bricks lay flat. You will also need a brick breaker so you can ensure the bricks line up and fit in all the odd sized holes you will need to fill. The final item you will need is a power wheelbarrow to make sure when you are moving your materials it is done safe and efficiently. Of course, there are many other items that you will need to build these projects but these are just to name a few.
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