Materials : Flex Base, Top Soil, Screened Sand

• Our Flex Base is made up of crushed concrete containing gravel. It is great for underlayment in concrete, asphalt paving, temporary and permanent roadways, construction entrances, driveways, sidewalks, and anything else where a firm weather resistant base is required.
• Our Top Soil is run through a 1” screen to ensure removal of any rocks, roots, and vegetation. This creates a consistent texture that is easy to work with by hand or with machinery. It works great for leveling low areas, filling in shallow holes, covering exposed tree roots, base for grass seed or sod application.
• Our Screened Sand is traditionally a light gray or tan color but we do offer a limited quantity of white sand as well. It is run through a 1” screen to ensure the removal of any unwanted materials such as rocks. It is perfect for asphalt production, utilities, and various construction projects. Always wanted a volleyball court? It is super easy to make one all you need is some of our sand and a net!!
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