Materials : Mulch and Pea Gravel

M_Mulch_Pea Gravel

• We have a wide selection of Mulch that we offer here at Rental Stop. We have Color Enhanced Red, Color Enhanced Brown, Color Enhanced Black, and Hardwood. All of these options are made from living plants and living North Texas Native trees that are freshly ground. This allows for our Mulch to retain soil moisture, inhibit weed growth, assist in preventing soil erosion, and overtime as the mulch breaks down adds humus to your bed. This is far superior to competitors’ dead wood mulch which is ground wood from pallets and lumber. Our Mulch is also light and easy to spread, providing a rich manicured look to your landscape. The front yard is the first thing you see when arriving home, and of course you want it to look nice. Pick up some of our mulch to put in the flower bed and around the tree to ensure a manicured look.

• Our Pea Gravel is ⅜” minus in size made up of smooth, round, earth toned peebles. This is great for pathways, playgrounds, french drains, garden pots and lanterns, and flower boxes for drainage. Make sure your feet are protected when taking the dog outside, walking to the pool, and that the little ones are safe on their barefoot playset adventure.

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