Fun Fall Planning : Top 3 Tips

1. Fall Festivals
Prepare now for upcoming Fall Festivities! Getting the right Tents, Tables, Chairs, Concession Items, and Games help create great atmospheres of fun and games for young and old alike!
2. Creative Charcuterie Board Gatherings
From Pinterest Pins to Story Grams, these days it seems like everyone is leaping at the opportunity to create the perfect gatherings and pairings. Gathering the right elements are key– from meats, cheeses, crackers, and sweet savory accompaniments. Combined as a Food & Wine Pairing Party with our tableware and glassware items such as wine glasses, cocktail glasses, and various beverage items. Our dishware items include square and round china, silverware, flatware and utensils.
3. Outdoor Movie Parties
With the season changing, the hot weather is expected to cool down. An Outdoor Movie Party is a great way to invite family or the neighbors over to enjoy a featured motion picture on a big screen. We’ve got ideal projectors and screens. Rent a popcorn or snow cone machine to set the perfect drive-in mood. Reach out to one of our associates for more great ideas!
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