DIY : Drywall

RS_DIY Drywall

Do you have a hole like this in your house? Don’t worry we are here to help!
1. Cut a piece of drywall that is a little bigger than the hole.
2. Hold the piece of drywall over the hole, trace it, and then cut the wall along the traced edges.
3. Screw some furring strips onside of the hole on both sides with a cordless drill that has a drywall bit
4. Set the drywall in the hold, secure it to the furring strips with the same drill
5. Apply joint tape around the edges and cover the whole thing in compound
6. Then use a sander to make sure the repaired section is even with the wall
7. Take an acoustic sprayer rig to texture the wall
8. Then paint the area to match the rest of the wall and your done!
Don’t forget if the hole is in the ceiling or out of reach we recommend renting a one man lift to ensure you can get the job done safely (without cracking tile) as well as our drywall lift.
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