DIY : Paint Kitchen Cabinet. Replacing Hardware.

RS_DIY Paint Kitch Cabinet

DIY : Paint Kitchen Cabinet / Replacing Hardware
1. Remove the the old handles from the drawers and cabinets with a drill.
2. Then put down tarp on the floor and cover the counter edges with painters tape.
3. Then use an airless paint sprayer to spray cabinets and drawers, using a ladder to reach higher cabinets.
4. Let the paint dry.
5. After the paint is dry, measure the cabinets and determine where you want the new handles/ hardware to go.
6. With those measurements create a jig with wood, cutting it with a table saw, to be used as a template for drilling the holes evenly on every cabinet.
7. Then use the same drill to drill through the jig creating holes for the new hardware. Use these holes to drill the hardware in.
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