3 Ways to Set a Table

Table Setting 1

The following are three simple suggestions of how to set a table for dinner. Starting with the one above. Everyone has certain particular preferred ways of sitting down to eat, but these are basic rules you can follow.

• The napkin typically goes to the left of the dinnerware.
• Flatware is placed in the order they will be used, with items that will be used first on the outside.
• Forks go to the left of the plate, and knives and spoons go on the right. Knives should face inward towards the plate. Spoons should be included, unless you’re not serving soup.
• Line up the bottoms of the silverware.
• The water glass should be placed above the knife area.

Table Setting 2
If you’re having friends or family over for dinner, and you’ll be serving, you will need:
• A napkin; a fork, knife, and spoon; a dinner plate; a water glass; and a wine glass. If you’re serving a salad before dinner, you may want to add a salad fork as well.
• Place the dinner plate in the center, and the napkin to the left of the plate.
• Place the fork on top of the napkin or to the right of the napkin, and the knife and spoon to the right of the plate.
• Place the drinking glass above the knife. A wine glass can be added to the right of the drinking glass.
Table Setting 3
When setting up more of a formal table or seated dinner, you’ll need:
• Everything from the last set up, and perhaps adding a service plate. A salad plate or first course plate should definitely be included. And multiple wine glasses if you’ll be serving various wines.
• After the initial set-up, one can spread out the dinner plate in the center, with the salad plate and then napkin directly on top as an alternative placement. (You can also include a name place card as well).
• Arrange the silverware in order of use, from outside-in.
• Arrange the wine glasses in order of serving, from left to right and place them to the right of the water glass.
• If dessert is being served, you can wait to place dessert forks and plates on the table until dinner has been cleared.
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