Emergency / Essential Items : Generators & More

The Ice storm around DFW last week was a doozy!!! But have no fear… we are always prepared to have all the essential emergency items here when you need it. We have all the essential Plumbing items and Wet/Dry Vacuums for those busted pipes. We got several size Generators for when you lose power. Down tree or broken branches, we have Tree Solutions such as chainsaws, chippers and more to help. And for those larger projects, our Skid Steers are perfect to clear your parking lots or driveways to make sure you or your customers are safe. There is nothing like serving you when you need us and that is why we are always here! Call us today! 972-336-0059
For additional tips and suggestions; Contact one of our sales representatives today at 972-336-0059! Or visit our website: www.rentalstops.com
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