Audio Visual and Lighting

Audio Visual can be confusing and overwhelming to any event planner.  It is a necessary evil because most events will have a need for someone to be seen and/or heard.  Our Rental Stop A/V specialist is available to help make your selections easy with our wide selection of A/V items.

  1. Mixer / Soundboard

Have more than one microphone in the same room? To balance the sound, control feedback, and adjust volume levels on microphones, the A/V team will be using a mixer or sound board.

  1. Screens

How large or small is your event?  The entire room or event needs to be able to see what is going on.  Rental Stop offers screens in a wide selection of sizes.

  • 55” x 55”
  • 63” x 63”
  • 69” x 72”
  • 70” x 70”
  1. Televisions

Don’t need a screen, then a television can present your presentation as well.   Rental Stop has TVs ranging from 55” to 70”.  Rental Stop also have TV stands to display these TVs.

  1. Projectors

The type of projector you select depends on your event. Are you showing PowerPoint presentations or videos? Will you need to stream a speech or interview?  Rental Stop has several Lumens Projectors with an LCD clickers, as well as, old school overhead projectors.

  1. Microphones

Before selecting a microphone, ask yourself these questions.

  • How will the mic be used?
  • Will it stay in one place or will the speaker be moving around?

If one speaker needs a mic and will stand in the same place, go wired. But, what if your speaker intends to take questions from the audience or walk around on a stage? A handheld wireless mic or lapel wireless mic will ensure ease of movement.

  1. Transmitters and receivers

Planning an event with live streaming? Or, need wireless microphones for your keynote speakers?

To avoid pesky wires in the middle of the floor, you will need a transmitter and receiver. These devices work in tandem and help transmit AV signals through radio waves to projectors and speakers across the room.

  1. Adapters

Having several adapters on hand is always a good idea, since you never know what you will need with some speakers bring their own computers.  The simple reason is that most computers don’t have HDMI outlets. HDMI is what allows you to connect your computer to your TV, but having multiple cords/cables and save your events from a potential A/V disaster.  Below are the cords/cables we offer for all your AV needs.

  • Lightening Cords
  • IPOD Cords
  • XLR Cables
  • HDMI Cables
  • Speaker Cables


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