Pipes and Plumbing

Although North Texas doesn’t always get cold enough for our pipes to freeze, when it does you need to be prepared. Did you know that we have the tools and equipment that it takes to help with all your pipes and plumbing needs?  Your home plumbing maintenance necessities are all here.

Tap & Die – Tap & Die is another word for pipe threading. Similar to a ratchet wrench, the tap and die allows the user to cut grooves into pipe. The taps for threading the pipe come in different sizes ranging from ¼” to 2”.

Fish Tape –Is used to run cable or wire through pipe, PVC and other difficult hard to reach or narrow channels.

Conduit Bender – This tool creates an offset bend for a conduit box or an angle/bend in the pipe.

Pipe Cutter – The Rental Stop pipe cutter can cut up to 2” pipe.

18” Pipe Wrench – Use this tool to grip and turn a soft pipe or to turn a round fitting. It is designed for 1” or 2” pipe. The pipe wrench can also be used to turn a nut if it has been rounded to the point that a standard wrench cannot turn.

Electric Pipe Threader – This tool is a tap and die set for larger sections of pipe.

Snakes – Also, commonly referred to as sewer augers. Device is used to clear out sewage lines. Popular tool for homeowners and contractors.

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