Equipment Corner : 2HP and 8HP Tillers

Choosing the right kind of tiller to use in your garden is an important decision. You need to consider the size of your garden and the type of gardening you do. Rental Stop has a variety of different tillers to choose from to help prepare your soil.

Front Tine Tillers and how they work:
2HP Tiller, 35CC Kickstand Tiller, 5HP Tiller
Front tine tillers are smaller and lighter than rear tine tillers. The tines are in front of the engine and it is the tines cutting into the soil that drives the machine along. The wheels are not driven by the engine.
The tines on the front tine tiller rotate forwards and the user is ultimately in control of the tiller to turn over the soil. If the soil hasn’t been worked or broken up previously, it can require strength and effort. Once the soil has been broken up, the front tine tiller can till the soil easier and with less effort.

Rear Tine Tillers and how they work:
8 HP Tiller
Rear tine tillers are the machines used by professionals and/or serious gardeners. They are heavier and often have one or more forward gears, plus reverse. The rear tine tillers have wheels that are driven by the engine.
The tines on a rear tine tiller are lowered into the soil to the depth chosen by the user. New ground that has not been tilled before should be tilled once with the depth control set fairly shallow. For tilling new, unbroken ground, a large rear tine tiller is the better choice. Rear tine tillers are generally fairly heavy, and once the depth control is correctly set, the machine quickly settles down and can be run with one hand as the user walks alongside.


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