Equipment Corner : LOG SPLITTERS

Being like Paul Bunyan certainly can show off how you can use an axe to cut and split firewood, but using a great power tool can do the same thing using half the time and energy. Our log splitter can help get your home ready for a wood fire in your fireplace or to have wood in your fire pit to roast some s’mores in no time. Most of the time you want to cut your wood in the summer months to give the wood plenty of time to dry before the winter months, but if you’re anything like us this year, then you probably forgot too. So if you forgot, no worries…. we live in Texas so it won’t get too cold yet.
If you want the smell and sounds of a crackling fire this winter, then Rent the Log Splitter today!

Why use a RENTAL STOP log splitter?
• Splits wood perfectly AND EFFICIENTLY (2-Way log splitter)
• Double Your Productivity Compared to Conventional One-way Wood Splitter Designs.
• Helps with stacking wood
• Splits the wood quick with minimal labor


For those who don’t want to Do the Work… We send out a Qualified RS Service Tech to do the Work with our Rental Stop Professional Equipment.

Stop by one of our locations and speak with our customer service team members.Give us a call at 972-336-0059 or visit our website:

We’ve also got a wide variety of EVENT selections to choose from Party & Event Rentals in Dallas Fort Worth!

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