Heater Solutions

Baby, it is getting cold outside!  Let’s conquer the cold with one of Rental Stop’s heaters.  Rental Stop has heaters for tents as well as for any outside party or event.  Our tent heaters can warm up any size tent (small or large) so all your guest can stay warm and enjoy your party.  Not only can you use these heaters for a party, we have heaters that can be used at construction sites, warehouses, plus many more places.  Check out our heaters below:

Tents Heaters (Indirect Heat)

Indirect /Direct fired heaters are better for areas where people will be living or working

  • 80,000 BTU Tent Heater
  • 170,000 BTU Tent Heater
  • 350,000 BTU Tent Heater

Outdoor use Heaters (open flame) (Direct Heat)

Direct fired heaters are similar to a gas grill where the flame comes into direct contact with the air. These heaters provide heat by forcing air through a gas flame. The direct heat transfer is incredibly efficient and allows the device to heat a space quickly while using minimal amounts of fuel.

  • 80,000 BTU Propane Heaters – good Construction site
  • 200,000 BTU Propane Heaters
  • Patio Heater 40,000 BTU

Electric Fireplace

There is no reason to be cold… when you can be warm!  Call Rental Stop today at 972-336-0059!




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Holiday Parties

Holiday parties and get togethers are just around the corner and the planning must begin.  Let us help create an event everyone will cherish for years to come. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner, family gathering or office party we can help you make a lasting impression on those you care for the most.

The best solution for large events is Utilizing our Enormous Selection of Tents / Canopies.

Our tents can provide an extension of your home or business to create its own dramatic space.  We have several options of tent sizes from small 10-foot Widehigh peak tents to large 60-foot Widehigh peak tents.  The most dramatic tents we offer are the high peak shaped tent.  Our shapes include Diamonds, Triangles and Hexagons. Don’t forget we can also accommodate for those Unique situations where Height or Site Lines are necessary by Transforming a High Peak Tent into a Low-Profile Tent called our Vortex Tents.  First in DFW to Carry this Style of Tenting.

As you can see, Rental Stop has all the items to create the unique spaces you desire from walls to floors.  Check out our list below.

Walls– Perfect for enclosure from the elements.  Walls are a great solution for cold and windy weather.  Rental Stop tents can include solid walls, windowed walls, mesh walls, and clear walls.

Doors–Double Glass door systemshelp add even more protection and class to your event. They’re also a great way to make a statement for your entry.

Heaters– Some of Rental Stop’s most popular winter items are, of course, our heaters. Our selection of heaters provides an affordable way make your guests comfortable.

Tent Accessories– Custom Tent Graphics, Decking & Flooring, Bar Shelves, Tent Lights, String Lights, and more options available at RentalStops.com

Additional items– To complete the planning we recommend our tables, chairs, linens, dance floor, bars, sound system with speakers and so much more.

Let us be your Partner in the Planning, Call us today! 817-336-0059

Or search items such as these at www.rentalstops.com

Rental Stop is your one-stop-shop for all of your rental needs. Allow us to be your partner in the planning this Holiday Season




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Hunting Season Solutions

Do you have a cozy cabin, deer lease or place in the sticks with the squirrels and the ticks?

We’ve got what you need to keep your secluded piece of paradise up and running in preparation for deer season and chilly fall weather.

We offer a variety of items that are a must to keep your set up in shape.

Log splitters, chainsaws and ATV four wheelers are the best place to start planning for those cold winter time fires.

Next, you might need some power for the speaker system and heater while you prep the fire. We have generators, sound systems, heaters and everything you need to get cozy under the stars. And if you’re planning on staying out there all night you might want to consider renting one of our cots or beds!

After deer season, don’t forget to checkout our selection of catering equipment for your other campfire feasts. We have food warming trays, chafers, tables and covers, chairs, charcoal and propane grills, portable heating units, generators, traps, coolers and so much more!

Call us today to reserve your hunting items! 817-336-0059

Or search items such as these at www.rentalstops.com

Rental Stop is your one-stop-shop for all of your rental needs. Allow us to be your partner in the planning this fall and hunting season.




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September Snapshots 2019

We’ve got a wide variety of selections to choose from Party & Event Rentals in Dallas Fort Worth!



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Tools To Build Your Decorations

Did you know that we have all the tools you need to make a giant spider, pumpkin, menorah,snowman or any other woodwork project you may have.

Our sales representative can help you with the right saws, drills and so many more tools to get the job done.


Everyone loves all the holiday decorations upon our houses during this season, but do we love putting them up?   We can help with our assortment of ladders and lifts to get you to the heights you need to be.

We’ve got a wide variety of selections to choose from Equipment and Tool Rentals in Dallas/Fort Worth!

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Get To Know Us : Shep

Favorite thing about work: Learning different products and how to use them practically

Thing I’ve learned most: How many different tools there are just for doing yard work and keeping a good yard

What does Rental Stop offer that other companies don’t? We meet you at your point of need. As long as you notifie us we can meet you in the middle and we always work with you to get your job done. 

What brings Shep to work everyday: Keeping good health. It helps keep me on my feet and mobile. I’ve had enough time inside to see that’s not something for me. I like the hands on stuff I get to do everyday.

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Fall Yard Clean-Up

The leaves are about to fall which means it’s time to prep for yard clean up! We have everything you need to keep your yard the pride of the neighborhood (or make it the pride of the neighborhood). Did you know that Rental Stop rents rakes, blowers, power brooms, leaf blowers, hedge trimmer, pruning saw, mowers and everything needed to keep your yard in tip top shape.

Ever heard of a power broom? A power broom is used to clear sand, dirt, leaves and most types of debris from large areas in a short period of time. Ideal to move serious amounts of dirt, debris, leaves, sludge and water!

When it’s time to vacuum up that pile of dirt that got moved around by the power broom, give the Billy Goat litter vacuum a go. Time is valuable and if you don’t have all day to rake or clean up debris from your yard the Billy Goat Vacuum is the tool for you. Unlike a regular vacuum the Billy Goat can pick up all the unwanted items in your yard without a problem.

We know that sometimes you want to rake your own leaves so the kids can jump into them… We understand! We have the blowers and rakes to help make that perfect leaf pile.

Once you pick up the mess from the kids you can’t forget about the yard and bushes. They all will need a little attention getting cleaned up and ready for fall. We have the pruners, trimmers and mowers to help your yard turn into the Yard of the Month.

Call Rental Stop today to turn your yard into the envy of the block!

We’ve got a wide variety of selections to choose from Equipment and Tool Rentals in Dallas/Fort Worth!


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